Darebin Arts Centre Theatre

Our theatre is suitable for events ranging from dance, live music and concerts, circus and comedy, to musicals and opera, theatre and film screenings.

If you're looking for a climate-controlled theatre with a capacity of up to 385 people, we have the ideal space for your next creative performance project.

The Darebin Arts Centre Theatre is perfect for live performances such as dance, live music and concerts, circus, comedy, musicals and opera, theatre and film screenings.

Your new theatre space comes with a suite of features including:

  • a fly tower
  • an orchestra pit
  • a flexible lighting rig with LED and intelligent fixtures
  • an audio-visual solution with a dynamic sound system
  • and a complete projection suite.

Below the stage, you'll also have access to two 60 person dressing rooms with toilet, shower, and laundry facilities as well as an accessible lift to the stage.

It's quick and easy to book any of the spaces at Darebin Arts Centre online:

Book spaces at DAC 


In-house professional venue technicians

We have professional in-house venue technicians available to meet your production requirements; all the way from pre-production to event delivery.

Complete ticketing service

Darebin Arts Centre can also offer you a complete ticketing service through our in-house box office system. This service includes regular ticketing sales reports upon request.

Venue specifications

To find out more about our venue specifications download the forms below: