Who's here?

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Find about more about our licensees who use Darebin Arts Centre as their base.

The venue is home to two stand-out local Licensee organisations:

Alex Makes Meals food charity business, who have now cooked 700,000 meals in DAC's commerical kitchen since its inception in March 2020.

In the heart of Melbourne, during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Alex Dekker initiated a mission to help feed Melbourne's vulnerable. With the challenges of the pandemic preventing him from visiting his immunocompromised family, Alex channeled his energy into supporting his sister, a frontliner, and her colleagues by preparing hearty meals. Starting with a single lasagna that was an instant hit, the idea blossomed, and Alex Makes Meals emerged. From its humble beginnings, Alex Makes Meals has evolved from a one-man mission to a thriving food charity in Melbourne. With a strong team of over 80 passionate volunteers and sustained by generous donations, we're dedicated to ensuring that no human goes hungry.

Speak Percussion take percussive art to its physical and conceptual extremes. They shape the sounds of 21st Century Australian percussion music through the creation and presentation of ambitious arts projects. Internationally recognised as a leader in the fields of experimental and contemporary classical music, Speak Percussion redefines the potential of percussion. From solo concerts to massed sound events, interdisciplinary projects to sound installations, participatory work to album releases, our “breathtakingly impressive” (The West Australian) work is presented locally and globally in concert halls, theatres, galleries and site-specific locations. Speak Percussion has been responsible for 220+ commissions and premieres of new percussion works, contributing new 21st Century masterworks to the global percussion repertoire.