FUSE: Darebin's multiarts festival happening every autumn and spring

general image by damian stephens

FUSE is Darebin’s contemporary, multi-arts festival. Every autumn and spring, FUSE provides a platform for local creatives, artists and performers to transform our amazing city into a dynamic hub of creativity.

FUSE reflects Darebin’s uniqueness as a vibrant, inclusive, creative and forward-thinking city. During the festival, we invite the community to enjoy our streets, parks, venues, theatres and galleries as transformative zones, infusing Darebin with the power of art, culture and creativity.

In our program, you’ll find everything from large community-gathering celebrations to smaller, intimate new experiences, with all manner of artist-led, risk-taking creativity in between. FUSE moves in step with the times, our communities and the rhythm of the seasons to inspire, connect, inform, entertain, gratify and provoke.

At FUSE, we believe that art is for everyone. That’s reflected in the bold and diverse programs that we offer. No matter who you are, you’ll find something to love: something that speaks to you, connects you with others, or transforms your worldview.

Learn more at fusedarebin.com.au.

FUSE: Locally Unexpected.

Image: General Image by Damian Stephens