Darebin art collection

Yhonnie Scarce

Explore the works and artists in the diverse Darebin Art Collection.

Darebin City Council has a significant and ever-growing public contemporary art collection, known widely as the Darebin Art Collection. The focus areas of the collection include:

  • artwork by South East Australian Aboriginal artists
  • video art and new media
  • contemporary ceramics and craft
  • works that reflect Darebin and the adjoining municipalities.

As part of this robust collection, we also commission and maintain a diverse number of public artworks situated throughout the shire.

View the Darebin Art Collection here (via the Victoria Collections website).

Read the Darebin Art Collection Policy 2023-2026.(PDF, 282KB)

About our collection

With the Darebin Art Collection we aim to inspire, inform and engage. We hope to connect the community through an appreciation of the visual arts and local heritage.

We want to help artists contribute to a vibrant municipal culture. The Collection belongs to you, the Darebin community, and provides a diverse visual record of the thoughts, actions and ideas which influence us all.

We work with curatorial staff to guide and shape the Darebin Art Collection Policy and assist with acquisitions. Our Acquisition Advisory Panel is made up of leading arts experts.

They provide advice for new acquisitions and make sure each work meets the guiding principles of the Darebin Art Collection Policy.

We display the Collection all over Darebin, including Bundoora Homestead Art Centre, Preston and Northcote Town Halls, Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre.

They are also displayed at Bundoora Park, Darebin libraries, customer service centres, civic and leisure centres. Our public artworks are displayed in the streets and parks throughout the municipality.

Image: Yhonnie Scarce, N000, N2359, N2351, N2402 2014. Blown Glass, archive photographs. Photograph by Janelle Low. Darebin Art Collection