Featuring works by Elyas Alavi, Avan Anwar and Sha Sarwari

24 Sep 22 - 19 Nov 22
Bundoora Homestead Arts Centre
Avan Anwar , Metamorphosis, 2019
Image: Avan Anwar , Metamorphosis, 2019

A sense of place is something that we need and create—as we move through place, we make memories. What does ‘place’ mean to migrants and refugees in the current geopolitical climate? Place is a new exhibition of works by artists Sha Sarwari, Avan Anwar and Elyas Alavi, whose lived experiences as migrants and refugees filters through a selection of works across painting, sculpture and mixed media. Together, their works express a longing for place, expressing the poeticism in memory and belonging between two worlds.



Please note: Place references asylum seeker and refugee experiences which may be challenging for some viewers

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Image: Avan Anwar, Metamorphosis 2019. Courtesy the artist.