Katy B Plummer

26 Nov 22 - 04 Mar 23

Bundoora Homestead Arts Centre

This video installation project digs into ancestral whiteness, unravelling the spiritual and political implications of the artist’s (North American) settler colonist heritage. It aims to unearth and lay bare the cultural amnesia and ravenous spiritual vacuum at whiteness' heart.

The video traces the journey of the Witch, in 17th century Puritan clothes with stilts on her hands and feet, so she moves like a four-legged beast. The work is divided into three parts: In the first (RUPTURE) The Witch emerges violently from a body of water. In the second part (STARVING AND FURIOUS) she walks across a suburban field. In the third part (THE WITCH LAYS HER EGGS IN TERRIBLE CLUMPS) we see, in horrifying detail, what happens under the skirt of the Witch as she performs the propagation of her bitter inheritance.

The installation speaks of clothing and domestic textiles. We somehow find ourselves making ourselves cosy under the skirt of The Witch.  

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Image: Katy B Plummer. THE WITCH LAYS HER EGGS IN TERRIBLE CLUMPS, 2022, production still, courtesy Kuba Dorabialski.

26 Nov 22 - 04 Mar 23
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM


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Bundoora Homestead Arts Centre
7 Prospect Hill Dr, Bundoora 3083
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