Outline Imager

Elyss McCleary

26 Nov 22 - 04 Mar 23

Bundoora Homestead Arts Centre

Outline Imager presents a new body of work exploring forms and gestures that respond to the interior and exterior environments of Bundoora Homestead Art Centre. This series is produced within the artist’s abstract painting practice, reflecting on modes of embodiment, gesture and mark making.

Elyss undertook multiple site visits to record and respond to the light and colour of the space and the way in which it changed across time. The resulting compositions feature motifs and figures constructed and reassembled, that merge into spatial outlines with layered imagery. Glow of colour from the gallery’s unique lunette windows and other light sources move across surfaces within and throughout time sequences, whilst built and natural shapes circle within the room’s structure, shifting and changing perspectives through interactions between the work, the site and the visitors that move through the space. 

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Image:  Elyss McCleary, Radius of dapple Mirror Taxi, Mantle pond (detail), 2022, Oil on linen. 122cm x 107.5cm, Image courtesy of the artist.

26 Nov 22 - 04 Mar 23
11:00 AM - 4:00 AM


Open Wed- Sat

Bundoora Homestead Arts Centre
7 Prospect Hill Dr, Bundoora 3083
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