Discover literature, art and singing programs, awards and prizes at Darebin Arts.


Across a dark blue background, six different images are scattered to represent live art shows. The main text says 'Darebin Arts Speakeasy 2023 Program'.

See what's on at Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre and Darebin Arts Centre in 2023!

Image of artist Vidya Rayan holding a clylindrical art piece Loot in front of her eyes with her hands

The Speakeasy development program offers artists a cash and creative space to develop new performing arts projects.

Eleven people sit around a flashy disco ball set on a stage. There is a red curtain behind them.

The sensationally successful program returns to Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre for it's fourth year on Saturday March 5.

Let's Take Over offers talented young people (aged 15 to 25) the opportunity to forge a creative career as an artist, producer or programmer.

n-SCRIBE 15 front cover image designed by Tama Sharman

n-SCRIBE is Darebin Arts’ annual literary magazine that publishes writers with a connection to the City of Darebin.

Two women and two men stand side by side to each other . One woman and two men are holding potted plants in front of them. The other woman dressed in  a white shirt with a sky blue blazer holds her arms out in front as if presenting the three other people. All four people are standing in front of a beige wall with a book pages structure .

The Darebin Mayor’s Writing Award is an annual award for writers who live, work or study in the City of Darebin.

Darebin art prize 2015 Damp Victoria’s Secret (detail) 2014. Acrylic paint on polymer resin statue, polymer adhesive. Courtesy of the artists

The Darebin Art Prize is a biennial, multi-medium award for outstanding contemporary visual art.

Close-up of a half-open book in a person's hands; the only heading visible is 'The Road'

Write Club is a quiet space for you to write, plan, or start a new writing project.

A bookshelf with assorted folders and binders of different colours

Discover literature, art and singing programs, awards and prizes at Darebin Arts.