The Family Mantle

Curated by Pia Johnson. Exhibiting artists include Sofi Basseghi, Katayoun Javan, Janelle Low, Morganna Magee, Andy Mullens, Talia Smith and Pia Johnson.

01 Nov 21 - 01 Nov 21
Photographic prints and brass pins

 Bringing together new work by seven female artists, The Family Mantle presents a series of photographic responses to ideas about the nature and role of the family unit.

The exhibition interrogates the role of photography in shaping family narratives. Through a combination of video, photos and archive material, the artists sift through the cultural and social constructs of ‘family’ and the role of the individual within them.

Curator Pia Johnson states, “We value our family photo albums like treasures, and instinctively know they are bridges to memories and moments in our history. Across cultures, seas and times, our understanding of family and how we are shaped by it is universal.”

The seven artists in the exhibition come from diverse cultural backgrounds, and their unique perspectives, upbringing and family values inform their artistic practice.



Janelle Low The Family Mantle 2018Photographic prints and brass pins

Dimensions variable Courtesy of the artist