Guest Curator Boe-Lin Bastian

01 Nov 21 - 01 Nov 21
Acrylic and oil on linen

The Guest Curator of the exhibition Boe-Lin Bastian says:

“We often think of paradox as a literary device, but it can be very important within the visual arts as well. Crocodility features works that are paradoxical in and of themselves, almost like puzzles that need to be solved by the viewer, as well as artists whose practices are informed by the characteristics of contradiction more generally, such as a sense of circularity, contradiction or absurdity. It’s exciting to bring together such diverse works and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with these fiercely intelligent artists.”


Drawing its title from an ancient term coined to describe the deliberate use of unsound reasoning, Crocodility highlights some of the ways that paradoxical ideas are fuelling contemporary art practices locally and further afield. Particular themes emerging from the works are the blurring margins between our virtual and ‘actual’ lives, and the role of science fiction in exploring these new frontiers of experience.  Some of the works follow a dream-like logic or feature cartoon references, inviting audiences to consider the distinction between the real and the unreal. The seven artists included are Dord Burrough, Ann Debono, Nicholas Ives, Tomasz Kobialka (UK), Dan Moynihan, Aaron Christopher Rees and Marian Tubbs (NSW).


The exhibition spans the lower level of Bundoora Homestead including The Mess, Dining Room and Pantry gallery and includes new media such as a laser cut acrylic sculpture, digitally printed silk and 3D animations alongside paintings, installation and video. Melbourne artists Dord Burrough and Aaron Christopher Rees will be exhibiting new work created especially for Crocodility, and Sydney artist Marian Tubbs will present a selection of silk prints and video pieces. Bundoora Homestead Art Centre is also pleased to present London based artist Tomasz Kobialka’s digitally animated video Pearl Diving for Wyrms for the first time on Australian shores. The work was exhibited in London, Prague and Amsterdam in 2017.



Ann Debono Cephas, 2017

Acrylic and oil on linen, 90 x 66cm. Courtesy of the artist and Sutton Gallery