Local crafters

01 Nov 21 - 01 Nov 21
Darebin branches, wool and cotton yarn, beads

Bundoora Homestead Art Centre is calling on local crafters to get on board an exciting new project called Craft Lab+. The project aims to create a dynamic community of individuals making a mark through knitting, macramé, cross stitch, applique, embroidery, printmaking, beading, weaving, patchwork or felting.

Craft Lab+ will encompass a range of projects, exhibitions, and workshops that celebrate the work of local crafters and provide a space for creators of all things handmade. Crafters are invited to drop into Bundoora Homestead at any time during public hours to work on their piece in the company of others.

For those new to craft, or wanting to extend their skill-set, the Homestead is also offering a 10-week series of free workshops led by renowned crafter and artist Ramona Barry. Every Thursday and Sunday, from 20 May to 26 July, Ramona will lead a diverse selection of craft making sessions.

All materials are provided and all work created will be exhibited in the Homestead’s galleries as part of the project.


Ramona Barry, Darebin nature weaving 2018,

found Darebin branches, wool and cotton yarn, beads, 30 x 50cm, Courtesy of the artist.