Public Art Archive

Clyde Jones Reserve artwork

An Archive of previous public artworks in Darebin

Darebin Council has been commissioning public art across the municipality for over 30 years.

Below you will find an archive of some of the outstanding public artworks that were previously at home in Darebin.

“The Chimney Sculpture”

by Simon Normand, 2003-2023

Clyde Jones Reserve artwork

Clyde Jones Reserve artwork

The Chimney Sculpture is an artwork created by artist Simon Normand in 2003 and sponsored by Northcote Pottery. This work consists of handmade tiles and mosaic set onto concrete fencing around the perimeter and within the grounds of Clyde Jones Reserve, corner of Clarendon Street and Victoria Street, Thornbury.

Darebin was privileged to be home to this artwork for two decades, during which time it has played an important role in shaping the local cultural landscape.

Due to a combination of age and environmental factors, part of the sculpture’s mosaic features were badly damaged and these degraded sections were removed in 2023.

“Call and Response”

by Pierre Proske, 2015-2021

Call and Response public artwork Darebin

Call and Response public artwork Darebin

Call and Response is a solar powered, computer programmed and controlled lighting installation generating waves of colour light and sound. It was the first public art project commissioned in Darebin that highlights the relationship of art and technology and public art as infrastructure.

The installation was inspired by the dynamics of bird calls, in particular the call of the bell bird prevalent along Darebin’s creeks. Call and Response holds several audio speakers which, together with the lights, play out a complex choreography of audio samples from Darebin’s various native fauna responses. The result is a dynamic light experience driven by naturally ambient sounds that celebrates the gateway to the municipality of Darebin.

Call and Response was decommissioned in 2021.