Who's here?

Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre has space to license to not-for-profit arts organisations.

Image: Kathleen Gonzalez Mapping Melbourne 2015, photo by Windu Kuntoro

Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre is proud to partner with our licensee Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) delivering a range of creative and artistic projects and opportunities with a "profound commitment to arts and artists shaping the narratives that define who we are as a multicultural nation".

MAV opened its offices at Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre in 2019. In 2021 our Council identified them in the Council Plan 2021–2025 as a key partner with the view to "deliver artistic opportunities for Darebin’s communities".


Logo - yellow circle with the words MAV and a black dot

Find out more about Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre's licensee, Multicultural Arts Victoria.