Kalina Lauer

Within Walls

Let's Take Over - Saturday March 5 | Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre

Within Walls houses the forgotten dreams, untold characters and hypnagogia illusions we once shared from childhood through a fantasy of dreamlike sculptures.


Generations of stories live within your walls. This installation is merely just one of them...


The installation questions the audience on their relationship with their inner child and encourages different moments of perspective as you enter the sculpture's mysterious realm.

A young woman wearing dark framed glasses has her brown hair pulled back. She is wearing a navy blue floral shirt.

Artists Bio: Raised on Darumbal land, Kalina is a Queensland-born creative artist who works across film, stage and design. Kalina's play, Bayou Bart, was performed recently by Ilbijerri Theatre Company. Kalina's practice explores the relationship and impact of dreams and inner healing.

Why did you apply for Let's Take Over?

I wanted the opportunity, space and guidance to explore my creativity and meet fellow artists.

What have you learnt in Let's Take Over?

I have learnt how to develop, harness and pitch an idea throughout the program! We've also had the chance to work on budgeting and production skills which I know will come in handy.

What is one thing you're excited about for the event?

I'm excited to see everyone's projects and performances! We've all been discussing it for months now and it will be exciting to see it all come to life.