Fathiah Raihan

They come and they go...

Let's Take Over - Saturday March 5 | Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre

Just as a fossil embeds itself into the earth, so too do other people, experiences and environments leave imprints on us long after they've passed. Using the ephemeral medium of henna over a series of four tactile mandala artworks, They come and they go illustrates the constant flux between choosing to hold onto or let go of certain patterns. An intimate collaboration with the artist invites the audience to enter a new cycle, honouring the process of reinvention.

A woman with brown eyes, wearing a light-blue hijab and a black shirt slightly smiles with her lips closed to the camera.

Artist Bio: Fathiah (she/her) is a henna and jagua artist working on Boonwurrung Country with an interest in facilitating community healing through the arts. Her identity as a Malay-Muslim woman informs her advocation for intentional arts practices to subvert colonial ideals of meaning-making. Through an exploration of illustration, painting, digital collage, photography, writing and textiles, Fathiah hopes to become a multi-disciplinary artist, art therapist and mentor for young people.