Tash Atkins

Out of Sight. Out of Mind.

Let's Take Over - Saturday March 5 | Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre

Out of Sight. Out of Mind. challenges the audience to think about the forgotten aspects of identity and the role technology has in everyday life. It immerses the audience in an ambient soundscape created by Algorave (music created by code) coupled with projections of the code that shows the audience how the music was made. It invites the audience to think about how code is invisible in our everyday life but governs how we navigate our lives using technology. Further, it invites the audience to think abou how our own invisible identities can be overlooked, forgotten and 'out of mind.' The invisibility of code in our lives draws parallels to the artist's own invisible identities as a disabled, bisexual, non-binary person.

The artist asks: what makes you feel invisible? The audience is encouraged to respond to this question using QR codes. Collected responses will create a semi-improvised opera performance within the coded landscape.

A young woman with brown--ish red hair stands in front of a red door with a smile on her face. She is wearing silver hoop earrings, a black top and a mustard yellow overalls.

Artist Bio:

Tash Atkins (she/they) is a Melbourne based mezzo-soprano, composer sound artist and creative who is passionate about accessible classical music. Their practice combines an interest in opera, installation and sound art to create experimental compositions using technology and code. Tash uses technology as a uniting factor for creating classical music that is accessible and inviting for new audiences.


Image by: Pia Johnson

Why did you apply for Let's Take Over?

I applied to Let's Take Over because I wanted to challenge myself as an artist. I saw some of the artworks online from last year's exhibition and was amazed! I wanted a space to challenge myself to produce something new but also have the opportunity to work with other young artists developing their practice,

What have you learnt in the program?

I've learnt how to ground myself in my practice and let ideas flow. Through the workshops, I've learnt how to work through creative blocks and make space for ideas to flow. I've also gained perspective on what goes into creating large scale events and it makes me want to be involved in creating more events!

What is one thing you're excited about for the event?

I'm excited to see everyone's work come together. It's been amazing seeing everyone's ideas evolve over time and to see them and I can't wait to see them in their final form.