Leila Edelstein

Tracing un-cultivation

Let's Take Over - Saturday March 5 | Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre

This work explores the human instinct that is to curate and collect our environment, to alter and remove it from its wieldy home. The work also looks at people being a part of nature. It is a projection of the paradoxical relationship between the different sectors of wildlife. The act of collecting, carving and cleansing objects while bringing one closer to the branches, shells and rocks is ultimately making them less wild and more cultivated.

A young woman with medium length, curly hair stands in slight profile to smile to the camera. She is wearing a mustard yellow tank top and a beaded necklace.

Artist Bio: Leila Edelstein is a 17-year-old, South Africa born award-winning photographer, filmmaker, circus performer and artist living on unceded Wurundjeri land. Her practice explores the relationship between humans, earth and nature; how people connect to place; and the impact the environment has on the self.

Image by: Pia Johnson