An Dang

Merry Christmas, Babe!

Let's Take Over - Saturday March 5 | Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre

Babe is trapped in her own flat. At her own Christmas Party. With everyone she's ever loved. How will she get out?

A reading of a new original musical.

A young woman with long black hair and a black tank top tilts her head from left to right with a smile on her face.

Artist Bio:

An Dang (she/her) is an actor, dancer and singer with a background in circus where she trained with the National Circus of Vietnam as a contortionist. An has a passion for both theatre and film and is currently training at Melbourne Actor's Lab and Melbourne Teen Actors, while also studying languages at university. Her recent credits include a sold out season of The Mermaid at La Mama Theatre and the Berlin tour of Body of Knowledge.


Image by: Pia Johnson

Why did you apply for Let's Take Over?

Applying for Let's Take Over was one the first steps in my new #yolo philosophy class where I would just trust my gut, trying my best not to be too critical of whether I was good enough or had the qualifications, etc. I am so glad I applied because I honestly can't imagine missing out on this program!

What have you learnt in the program?

What I really appreciate about Let's Take Over is that they teach us more than what we need to complete the program. From budgeting to writing workshops, I've learnt so many skills that I can use in future projects. I am much more confident in my abilities to self-produce. I also learnt what dramaturgy means!

What is one thing you are excited about the for the event?

I'm so incredibly excited to see the products of all the other participants. They are all marvellous and talented with such unique works that'll transform Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre into a palace of art. I also can't wait for the audience to finally experience live art after so long without it!