Akwal Magek

The Gods are Dead

Let's Take Over - Saturday March 5 | Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre

The Gods are Dead is inspired by the myths and legends of South Sudanese culture - once 'fabled' they are now brought to life through a series of photographs. By representing goddesses from the 21st century, the collection illustrates how modern South Sudanese people are influenced by Australian culture. Through the lens of futurism, the essence of South Sudanese mythology and its connection to matriarchal society is captured with a contemporary twist.  

A young black woman stands in profile, facing to the left. She is wearing a black top, two gold necklaces and dangling gold earrings. She has short red hair.

Artist BioAkwal is an arts facilitator from Melbourne's west, where she has worked extensively with a wide range of communities and age groups. Her arts practice utilises poetry and spoken word to focus on the issues of identity and self-love. Akwal thrives in creative environments and places that allow self-expression in different forms. As a Facilitator, she loves supporting others in accessing such spaces for themselves, and in their creative exploration within them, and particularly loves working with children and youth.


Image by: Pia Johnson