Find out how Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre is improving its carbon footprint and becoming a more environmentally friendly public building.

Our Council is committed to ensuring that Council is a leader in responding to the climate emergency and that our natural environment is protected and enhanced. As one of the council’s premier venues, Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre has numerous projects underway to help reduce our carbon footprint.

In 2016, 24kW solar panels were installed on the roof of the building. Less than 10% of the power generated is consumed on-site with the excess fed back into the grid. Any other electricity required is supplied by VECO which is 100% renewable energy.

Since 2016, inefficient older stage lighting has been replaced with modern low-energy LED lights, reducing electricity consumption in the venue.

All of the air conditioning controls in the individual spaces within the venue are thermostatically monitored from Preston Civic Centre. Avoiding over-heating the rooms and offices. Each room operates on a time-capped system so that heating and cooling are not left running unnecessarily.

The venue is experimenting with the use of thermal urns to replace old water boilers. Urns are filled at the beginning of the day, meaning that the kettles are only boiled once and thus reducing the needless use of electricity.