Salon of Spirits

Curated by Jake Treacy

01 Nov 21 - 01 Nov 21

Salon of Spirits will soon be presented at Bundoora Homestead. Curated by Jake Treacy, the exhibition channels the psychic unity between the material and immaterial. Drawing from the domesticity of the Homestead, eleven exhibitors will present a series of objects from their personal collections inviting the audience to explore dormant narratives, which are waiting to be told. These visions of fine art, heirlooms, photographs, souvenirs, fashion and jewellery construct unique self-portraits of each exhibitor as they conjure the inherent and animistic power of objects.


The curator of the exhibition Jake Treacy says:

"Salon of Spirits is a collection-based show, demonstrating the prolific nature of those creative provocateurs in Melbourne's arts scene - those who transform and enliven the local cultural landscape. Through transference, the objects they surround themselves with form an abstracted portrait of each identity, manifesting in a surrealistic assemblage within the iconic Bundoora Homestead. The exhibition seeks to conjure the authentic spirit of these objects, which are new and old, and arrive from near and far; yet also seeks to tap into the domestic and animistic quality of the Homestead - a place of collected memory and a marker of living history."




Jake Treacy

Spirit Tableau, 2017

Reconfigured found objects | Dimensions variable

Courtesy of the artist | Photograph by Jake Treacy