Fantastic Creatures

Justin Shoulder

01 Nov 21 - 01 Nov 21
web banner exhibition

Explore a fantastical world infused with biometrics, mutations and intangible forces. This screening reveals a reverence for the theatrical, defying logic whilst living and breathing the absurd. is a subterranean exploration of the occult—showcasing one of Justin’s Fantastic Creatures — an invented alter-persona based on queered ancestral mythologies. These creatures are embodied through hand crafted costumes and prosthesis and animated by their own gestural languages. Justin uses his body and craft to forge connections between queer, migrant, spiritual and intercultural experiences.  In Deep Alamat, witness Justin and collaborator Bhenji Ra perform in hostile landscapes with reference to the queer, migrant, spiritual and intercultural.

Justin Shoulder works in live performance, photography and video and is particularly known for his spectacular performances that developed within the underground context of Sydney's queer performance scene. His practice has its roots in nightclubs and underground live venues and still retains the collective energy of these spaces. He has performed and exhibited internationally. Recent highlights include: The River Eats at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Ex Nilalang for The Asia Pacific Triennial at Queensland Art Gallery / Gallery of Modern Art 2015-16, Brisbane, the annual costume ball he co-produces Monsta Gras at the Red Rattler Sydney and SFW by Forward Assembly Hong Kong 2016. 


V    2010


7 minutes 3 seconds

Commissioned by Performance Space


Deep Alamat   2014

4 minutes 9 seconds

Commissioned by Artbank